Where Will Your Journey Take You?

Wherever that is, step out and take a step toward your goal. We don’t know where our paths will lead, what direction  we should go, or what tumult lies ahead, but not to fret, I’m confident that our paths will lead to new chapters and surprising wonders.

Follow your path and discover the opportunities that await you. Live life with meaning. Follow your heart, your dreams, reach for the stars, never give up. We’re all in this world together.

Keep striving to do your best and your best will find you.

And give someone a smile as if your life depended on it.

~blessings to you


One comment on “Where Will Your Journey Take You?

  1. Hey Deb—I like the format and you’ve got a great topic -Passion! What am I passionate about?
    Why is that a hard question, shouldn’t it be something at the tip of my tongue? Is it something that should consume my time, thoughts and checkbook?

    love you…


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