The Man On The Moon

A poem by Debbie Erickson

I wrote this many years ago. If it lifts you up, or speaks to your heart, then it has served its purpose. 🤗

“He’s beyond the deepest valley, Across the widest sea, He’s in every star that twinkles, He reaches out to me…

He is my Man on the Moon, Above the heavens so high, Always looking down on us, Giving no reason that we should ask why…

When I gaze into the universe, I see a God who cared, enough to give us sight to see, the cross His Son had bared…

Some say He doesn’t exist, and others who can’t decide, they can’t see the beauty as I, in these hard and trying times…

And when I stop to realize, how much of Him I see, I give thanks to Him alone, down on bended knee…

So when you feel your spirit lifted, or have a smile upon your face, remember it’s God’s undying love, and His amazing grace.”

– Debbie Erickson



3 comments on “The Man On The Moon

  1. Nice! Blessings, my friendAngie  Making a difference is a choice. Choose to be the difference.I have set before you life and death . . . therefore choose life. —Deuteronomy 30:19


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