What is Your Passion?

I believe everyone is born with a God-given purpose. I don’t believe that we are here just taking up space for no apparent reason. We are not just born, and live, and then die without purpose. If this were true, than life would be meaningless and we would be insignificant.

I believe that deep within each of us lies a passion that longs to be free–a thought that pops up time and again, or a dream that just won’t fade.

What is your passion?

I challenge you to look deep within your heart. What have you always longed to do but never found the will to do? What gives you a sudden burst of energy or a sense of joy every time you think about it? Whatever it is that gives your heart a little burst of energy, then this is your passion. What were you afraid of? Failure? Others telling you it’s impossible? Have you discouraged yourself by convincing yourself you can’t do it?

Whatever is holding you back, release it. It is through your passion that you will discover your purpose and begin to believe in yourself. By believing in you, you will be able to unlock the KEY to your own HEART.

If you reach for the stars, you just might touch them!

Allow your passion to become your reality . . .

6 comments on “What is Your Passion?

  1. I believe, like you, we find true happiness when we start to engage our lives in fulfilling God’s purpose and plan for us. It’s that thing that gives us joy (more than mere happiness), it makes us think, “This is the real me.” That’s God’s plan and purpose…the real us.


    • I agree. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe in yourself, but as we take little baby steps toward accomplishments, the baby steps get bigger. It’just finding our niche and passion. I’m so glad I took the step,too! Thanks for your comment, Zee! ~blessings

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