I’m not sure where my journey will lead, but I believe it’ll be exciting on the road to discovery. If you’ve read my About and What is Your Passion pages, then you know what my passions are.

So, my journey has begun. I don’t know where the paths will lead, or, what tumult lies ahead, but not to fret, I’m confident that my paths will lead me to new chapters and surprises. I’ll pass through the forest trails and make my way to the meadows of wonder. Not only for me, but for you, too.

Let’s take this journey together and perhaps you’ll discover your path and new opportunities in order to begin your own chapters. When we reach the other side of the meadows, will climb aboard the vessel and sail toward into new horizons. If but you could discover your purpose, then you can make your way on this planet and live life more meaningful and passionate.

Follow your heart. Your dreams. Reach for the stars. Never give up. We’re in this world together, we all need encouragement along the way–moms, dads, singles, divorced, and children and teens who find themselves facing mountains.

Keep striving for your best, and your best will find you!

Smile at least once a day even though it’s hard to find one some days.

~Blessings to you


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