Take Courage

This flag stands for freedom

This flag stands for freedom

Stand strong . . .

Never abandon your principles . . .

Take courage even when it’s hard . . .

Trust in God . . . if we do, we’ll never be disappointed.

May God bless America.




Did Knights Use These Stallions for Battle?

Friesians, (pronounced Free-zhuh), they originated from the Netherlands and they are one of Europe’s oldest horse breeds. Yes, this breed was the choice battle horse of kings and possibly knights. Midnight black is most popular for this breed. They have a high-set neck, with an abundant and silky extra long, mane and tail. They are versatile, with powerful and high-stepping gates. Their strength, loyalty, and courage are beyond compare and they are a great companion for all ages.

Why am I posting this? You’ll have to stay tuned to this blog.

Take a moment and watch the short video. See for yourself how elegantly these majestic animals are.



King Arthur

     The legend of King Arthur has always intrigued me, as I’m sure it has for most children and adults. The Legend of King Arthur includes everything from chivalry, castles, knighthood, Knights of the Round Table,  Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad, and Guinevere to name a few. And who can forget Excalibur?

     But for King Arthur, it was about honor, and faith, I believe.

     As for knighthood, most young lads probably wanted to achieve it, but it was no easy task. The young lads who wanted to progress to knighthood had to work hard to first become a page and a squire before he could train to become a knight.

     One tradition of kings was to dip the tip of his sword into a delicious food substance and place it on his infant son’s tongue. As the lad grew, the food became the lad’s favorite and his desire would be to become a knight in his father’s court.

     What do you think? Do you think King Arthur was fact or fiction?  

Don’t Give Up

What a fascinating experience to follow Dorothy and Toto to another world in the Wizard of Oz, and the special effects added to the excitement. If Frank Baum would have given up on his novel, the world would have never known Dorothy and her friends, or the Land of Oz.

The authors of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the Chronicles of Narnia also gave us an opportunity to experience the worlds of their imaginations. These are the stories inspired me.

Do what excites you, and you’ll have the momentum to see it through. If you do what you love, it isn’t work.

So, what are you waiting for? What’s your story? Give it to the world.

Happy writing!

Where Will Your Journey Take You?

Wherever that is, step out and take a step toward your goal. We don’t know where our paths will lead, what direction  we should go, or what tumult lies ahead, but not to fret, I’m confident that our paths will lead to new chapters and surprising wonders.

Follow your path and discover the opportunities that await you. Live life with meaning. Follow your heart, your dreams, reach for the stars, never give up. We’re all in this world together.

Keep striving to do your best and your best will find you.

And give someone a smile as if your life depended on it.

~blessings to you