Plotting Book Two

Been busy plotting and writing my next book...

Busy plotting and working on my next book…

Update: I will be offering my first book, The Secret of the Golden Heart, at a signing at Century Center in South Bend at the end of April. Further details will be forthcoming.

Book #1 in my Golden Heart Series is out on Amazon. If you get a chance to read it, please leave a kind review. It’s more of a challenge to market to children when self-publishing, but hopefully parents and grandparents will shop for their little ones and spread the word and leave a review.

This first book is an introduction to the Golden Heart Series and lays a foundation for my twelve-year-old main character’s next adventure on his 2nd quest in this coming of age fantasy story. But you’ll find no wizards or witches, or any other such characters because I didn’t feel it was right to take this book in that direction for young minds to absorb. There are too many books are on the shelves with such story lines that I feel serve no good purpose. Rather, I wanted my book to be adventurous with a bit of mystery with timely truths that will help children grow and develop into a better person.

My 2nd book in this series promises to be a bit more intense with some surprising twists after Kristian discovers that Gracie has disappeared. Frantic, he wastes no time trying to find her, but in the process he discovers a map and realizes there’s another golden heart to find, and he must find it before a cosmic phenomenon occurs and threatens their existence.

He must find Gracie and heart before a solar disaster, but will he have time to do both? The answer lies in the “town that drowned” where he discovers something that has lain dormant for thousands of years.

Stay tuned.


Mysteries of the Cosmos . . .

Horsehead Nebula Taken from the Hubble Space Craft

Horsehead Nebula
Taken from the Hubble spacecraft


The cosmos always fascinated me: clear nights filled with stars, shooting stars, and distant planets. I could spend hours allowing my imagination to run free. If it were possible to fly through the universe without a spacecraft, I’d be the first one in line.

While doing research on my book, I found nebulae quite fascinating with its gas and dust clouds, which form Nebulae, and why they appear hazy. There are no planets present.

The Hubble Space Craft has taken us into the cosmos, and it is through this medium that’s made it easier to imagine such wonders that lie in the greater unknown. How did the universe evolve? How long has it really been here? To some, the answers are simple because of the beliefs they hold dear. To others, not so simple. Needless to say, it has done quite well as a back drop for many fantasy films.

It has taken NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft 9.5 years to position itself to get close enough to Pluto to collect data. The spacecraft left Earth in January 2006.

helix spitzer from the Hubble Space Craft

The Helix Spitzer from the Hubble spacecraft – An owl’s eye?

How long do you think the cosmos has existed? How do you think it evolved? When do you believe time began?

I would love to know  your perspective is on the subject.