Are You Satisfied With Your Life?

Are you happy? Are you happy with your life? Whatever you’re doing now, is it something that you really want to do for the rest of your life? Does your life have purpose? Are you making the most of it? Are you happy with your job?

Don’t be sad. There is no better time than NOW to think about where you want to go with your life. Is life a meaningless drag? You don’t have to settle for a mundane existence. As a matter of fact, I urge you NOT to settle for a mundane existence. Think about all the possibilities that life has to offer. There are so many things to do. So many doors of opportunities and that is because we live in America.

What are good at? Are you using the abilities you were born with?

I believe that we have all been born with some kind of talent. We just need to discover what that is. And the only way you can to this is look within your heart and find it. It’ll be something that you want to do more than anything else.

What makes you smile? What gives you pleasure whenever you think of it? Look deep within your heart and you will discover it. What do you have to lose? The difference between those who are successful and those who are not is that those who succeed never gave up.

I’ve spent many years not doing what I love. So I care about those who have always had a desire to do what they love, but never found encouragement to step out and do it. I encourage you  to walk down the path toward your dream. Life is too short.


Where Will Your Journey Take You?

I think we all may have asked that question before. I have. I’m not sure where my journey will lead, but I do believe it will be exciting to discover. If you’ve read my About and What is Your Passion pages, then you know my passion is writing and creating.

So, my journey has begun. I don’t know where the paths will lead, what direction I am to go, or what tumult lies ahead, but not to fret, I’m confident that my paths will lead me to new chapters, and I’ll pass the forest wall into meadows of new and exciting wonders. And not only for me, but for you, too.

Come along and through the journey perhaps you’ll discover new opportunities and chapters for yourself. It would be a pleasure to have you aboard as we sail into new horizons. I’d like to see you discover your purpose for your visit on this planet and then live it with meaning and passion.

Follow your heart, your dreams, reach for the stars, and never give up. We are all in this world together, and we all need encouragement along the way–especially moms and dads, singles, divorced, teens who find themselves facing a mountain of obstacles, and well, we all need encouragement don’t we?

Keep striving to do your best and your best will find you.

And try to smile even though it’s hard to find one some days.

~blessings to you