Writing Sites

Hello, just wanted to pass along some helpful information to those seeking help with their WIP.

First, I’ve been using software called MasterWriters that all you creative writers out there may find helpful if you haven’t heard of it already. It has a Dictionary, Thesaurus, Phrases, Parts of Speech, Rhymes, Pop Culture, Word Families, etc. I’ve used it for a while and find it very helpful. When I had a problem with the software regarding the font size, the gentleman was very helpful in solving the problem, and he did. He was kind, patient, and courteous. So, check out MasterWriter and see what you think.

Second, if there’s anyone who needs help with becoming a better writer, check out Be A Better Writer. This particular post helps with writing a premise.

On my writing journey, I discover helpful information and sites and pass it along to those who are looking for help in certain areas. It takes hours learning about the art of writing: publishing, social media, how to build an author platform, etc. Learning about the craft of writing is never-ending.

Have a great day and happy writing!